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The river Vecht meanders like a blue vein through the Vechtdvalley landscape. De Vecht is the setting for a varied landscape where you can enjoy green villages and country estates, but also forests and heath, from a boat or walking along the shore.

The municipality of Hardenberg is part of the Vechtvalley and has something for everyone. It has a new center where you can enjoy shopping, but also plenty of cycling and walking opportunities in a varied landscape. Many events are organized where you can enjoy a whole day of fun or an evening of partying until the early hours.

In the Vechtvalley, a stone's throw from Germany, you have plenty of time. Time to take a brisk walk. Time to stroll through the forest with your children. Or time to sit on the banks of the Vecht with a good book. How you enter your time is entirely up to you. One thing is for sure, you don't have to get bored!


Walking routes

There is also no lack of walking routes in the Vechtvalley. Here you will find more than 1,300 kilometers of hiking trails, so there is a lifetime of hiking trails to discover! You will also find various routes in the immediate vicinity of the Horsetellerie. Surprising, beautiful and adventurous. Also very nice to go out with the children.


Cycling routes

The Vechtvalley has an extensive network of nodes where you can put together your own route (s). Numerous routes of other visitors have also been mapped out for you on the site of "Vechtdal Overijssel".


Carnation Points

It is extra fun to discover the Vechtdal via the five 'Carnation points' that lie along the Vecht. A Carnation Point tells the story of a place in relation to the river De Vecht and its surroundings. The Carnation Points deal with themes such as Culture, History, Agriculture and Horticulture, Estates, Landscape and Sustainable living. They tell you special details and endorse local specialties that you don't want to miss. One of the Carnation points is located in Hardenberg (Nature Center De Koppel); you can do everything from this location.

During opening hours you can walk into De Koppel and view the exhibitions, including "Het Vechtdal inside out". In the Nature Discovery Corner and through the quests you can also research and find out everything. All senses are used! Then, armed with a landing net, magnifying glass and search maps, enter the Koppeltuinen to experience the Vechtvalley nature firsthand. Fun for young and old!

What else can we find in the Vechtvalley?

The old Hanseatic city of Ommen is located at the heart of the Vechtdal. The town is hidden in the landscape and is characterized by lots of greenery and water. The bustling center has been a tourist attraction for years, offering something for everyone.

Dalfsen is characterized by the Blue Arch Bridge and has beautiful nature. Here you can enjoy cycling or walking through the woods, heaths and along the old Vechtarmen. You can enjoy panoramic views and an idyllic landscape, in which estates, manors and even a medieval castle pass by.

The Reestvalley
A little further we find the Reestdal: an idyllic and mysterious piece of nature on the border between Overijssel and Drenthe. The river Reest meanders its way through a region in which flowery meadows, old hedgerows, ash, heather and forest alternate. A region that is certainly worth exploring for walking.

An ancient cultural landscape
De Reest is the lifeblood of this centuries-old cultural landscape. While walking on the church paths you can cross the Reest and enjoy the breathtaking peace and nature. In the midst of the meadows, fields, heaths and forests many special plants and animals occur.

Staphorst is internationally known for its traditional costume. The women in Staphorster costume are still part of the street scene. Together with the typical Staphorster farms, it provides an authentic part of the Netherlands, where it sometimes seems as if time has stood still.

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